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Delivering Food from Monday to Sunday 12:00 to 21:00

The fact that you cannot pay us a visit these days does not mean that you cannot enjoy the “W” Restaurant cuisine including our fabulous steaks on a special charcoal grill. We will deliver them to your home address perfectly juicy and done to your preference. We believe in no compromises when it comes to quality and that is why we wrap special and deliver ourselves.

Besides steaks we serve other mediterranean cuisine specials such as salads, fresh tuna and salmon, home pasta and desserts prepared by our chefs on premise. Please see our menu above for more.

Branded as an “experience restaurant”, we want you to get a glimpse of the quality at your place too, be it at home or in your office. Forget waiting for a cold pizza or a dry slice of meat delivery. We are elevating the experience to a completely new standard, delivering across whole of Prague within 60 minutes.

Order with us straight to your home or office and experience for yourself the best of Prague gastronomy has to offer over the Internet these days.